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What is Patreon ?
Patreon is a platform which allows you to get music that is not really available to the public, direct from me.
What do you get?
Every month I send you music I am currently working on and videos of the process. Right now is a monthly series called 'The composer diaries'. It features tracks I am working on with other people as well as myself, and detailed videos from the recording and writing sessions which are not available anywhere else. IT IS VERY EXCLUSIVE.
How much does it cost?
As much or as little as you like. Different rewards have different prices. You can pay just 2 dollars to get a download every month or up to 25 dollars if you wish, which will get you more music every month and you can even request a special recording.
You can also stop at any time.
If you feel this is for you, visit my Patreon page by clicking HERE.